Optek Shape Lens Finishing Center (Coming Soon)

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The revolutionary new Optek Shape lens finishing center combines the latest in multi-axis machining and software technology to deliver advanced edge processing capability at a price you can afford. While other systems use complex interfaces that only make sense to computer programmers, Shape’s freeEDGE software allows you to easily create high end design features such as freeform edges, engravings, drop-in predefined hole patterns for popular frame styles, and more.


Shape In Action

Key Functions

  • Edge types (straight and angled) — Rimless, groove, square bevel, “V” bevel, step bevel, polish
  • Hole/Slot Types (straight and angled) — Blind hole, through hole, slots, notches, countersunk, jewel
  • freeEDGE Technology — Unlike systems that use complex interfaces that make the operator feel like they need computer programming experience, freeEDGE software technology simplifies the process and allows you to easily create high end design features: Freeform edges; engraving; digitize trace system for importing existing artwork; designs can be mirrored, scaled, rotated, and repeated to best fit the lens shape; onboard database saves designs for reuse

Key Features

  • Four-axis technology
  • Touch screen control system
  • Click and drop predefined lens features based on frame manufacturer’s specification
  • Seven-position tool turret maximizes the processing range and minimizes the need to change out tooling
  • Comprehensive standard tooling package
  • Dry or wet mist cutting
  • Variable clamping pressure to insure best results
  • Sealed cutting chamber minimizes debris contamination of machine components
  • Enclosure is constructed of heavy duty sound-insulated sheet metal — no injection molded plastic
  • Ethernet or serial interface capability with VCA-compliant host Rx software
  • Control system is easily software-upgradeable

Job Download

Feature Editing


  • Size: 33.25" W • 36.75" D • 64.75" H
  • Weight: 615 lbs
  • Power: 120V, 10A, 60Hz, 1~ (other voltages available)
  • Produced under U.S. Patent 9,527,187

Requirements (not included)

  • 80 psi (min) dry air source

Accessories (not included)