Optek Contour MAX Generator

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Contour MAX is Optek's flagship lens generator and lap cutter. Through advanced mechanical and software technology, Contour MAX delivers the highest levels of accuracy, speed, dependability, and operational simplicity.

Key Features

  • Touch screen control system
  • Graphical display of lenses and lap tools provides an extra level of job validation
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Cuts all supported lens materials with the same cutter
  • Automatically cuts lap tools that host reports are not in inventory
  • Based on proven, efficient, and reliable three-axis mill technology
  • High-speed, long-life spindle motor
  • Polycrystalline diamond cutter technology offers superior durability and substantial cost-per-lens savings. Since diamond does not wear-down with use like carbide cutting tools, lens curves remain true without regular calibration
  • Sealed grind chamber minimizes debris contamination of machine components
  • The chuck and lens rotate only. All other movement is accomplished in the cutting head, minimizing the complexity of the design, the need for maintenance, and the exposure to wear-induced inaccuracy
  • Enclosure is constructed of heavy duty gauge sound-insulated sheet metal — no injection molded plastic
  • Automatic remote vacuum control
  • Control system is easily software-upgradeable
  • Serial interface capability with VCA-compliant host Rx software

Lens Processing


  • Operation: Three-axis CNC mill, dry cut
  • Lens materials: CR-39, polycarbonate, high index plastic, and Trivex lenses
  • Lap materials: Plastic and foam
  • Size: 36.5" W • 28.5" D • 47.5" H
  • Weight: 500 lbs
  • Power: 120V, 10A, 60Hz, 1φ (other voltages available)

Requirements (not included)

  • 80 psi (min) air source
  • Dust collector

Accessories (included)

Accessories (not included)

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